Terms and conditions of sale, use of TopLinQs products and the website:


All the products sold by TopLinQs are dispatched in good working condition. The products carry limited warranty for a period of six months as long as the products are handled as per the procedures described in the user manual.

Unauthorised opening of the device, Careless operations, misuse, damage, or alterations to the device will void the warranty. TopLinQs's liability is limited to repair or replacing the device as determined by the TopLinQs technical support team.

Limited Liability

The purchase price would be the maximum liability that the TopLinQs would bear. TopLinQs is NOT liable for any direct or indirect damages, injuries, loss or other untoward effects caused to anybody as a result of use of the products sold by TopLinQs.

Product Availability

TopLinQs makes all out efforts to supply the items listed in the website. However, TopLinQs does not guarantee the availability of all the items at all the times.


TopLinQs makes its best efforts to ensure that the contents of the website is accurate and up to date. TopLinQs does not guarantee that the information available on this website is 100% error free. The content of the website is not at all meant to offend nor hurt anything or anybody, would that be the case, please, let us know it and we will act as soon as possible. TopLinQs may provide links to other websites for your convenience and disclaims all liabilities for websites you can link to, from this website. TopLinQs reserves the right to modify the content of the whole website and of this disclaimer at any time and without notice.


Proprietary Rights

TopLinQs is the sole proprietor of the intellectual, trademarks, trade names and contents of this website. Reproduction, duplication or manipulation of any part of the contents is STRICTLY PROHIBITED; any violation shall constitute breach of copyright act.


The sales tax shall be determined based on the products delivery location following existing tax system. Applicable regulatory environmental levies shall be charged as per the existing rules.


Personal Information Protection

TopLinQs uses and discloses the personal information for business purposes only in accordance to the privacy rules.

Laws and Rules

The terms and conditions listed above are governed by the laws of Ontario and Canada in general. Any disputes will be resolved before the Courts of Ontario in the city of Toronto.

Payment Terms:

Paypal/Credit Card/TT.

Cash on Delivery orders are NOT accepted. Product delivery processes are initiated only after complete receipt of payment.